LED Next Stage 2018: Many Enterprises Exhibited UV LED Products

LED Next Stage 2018, Japan’s leading Exhibition of LED and OLED Lighting, had been organized in Tokyo, Japan during March 6th - March 9th.

Nitride Semiconductors has collaborated with Seoul Viosys on the development of deep UV LED products, including LEDs, modules and finished products. They announced 275nm UV-C LED products, the single-chip packaged LEDs delivering 19mW at 200mA, and the four-chip packaged LEDs delivering 50mW at 600mA. As for finished products, they introduced a number of products for sterilization, purification and deodorization, also featuring with wireless charging function, which are promoted to consumers under LED Pure concept and Nitride brand, it is believed that UV LED finished products would be popularized when they meet more needs of consumers.


Toyoda Gosei introduced Sunlight LED integrating UV LEDs and RGB phosphors, which achieves broad-spectrum uniformity and meets the high CRI market; meanwhile, it develops UV-C LED market, planning to announce 280nm UV LED delivering 15mW at 6.5V, and intending to develop towards water purification market. Moreover, the automotive electronics division of Toyoda Gosei released headlamp module, integrating four-chip or five-chip headlamp LED and sensor or LiDAR, and detecting the surrounding environment with LED.

Liquileds Lighting corp. entered filament lamp market in 2013, and its products have been designed in LIQUIDLED brand. It developed flexible light strip in 2015, and took one year to overcome the issues like product life, in 2016 it worked with European bear manufacturers, developing lighting products combing bottle design. At Next Stage 2018, it exhibited flexible light strip with transparency liquid, achieving better uniformity of light and heat dissipation effect.